The Department of Accounting and Business Law at Aalto University School of Business is one of the leading research faculties in the Nordic region.

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Jointly our dedicated research team publishes high quality research in top outlets

We conduct high quality research on a variety of Accounting and Business Law topics. Our research is published in top peer-reviewed journals and books. Regular research seminars and events give our faculty the opportunity to interact and network with international visitors and the business world. We publish strong doctoral dissertations and Master's theses

Financial Accounting 

The emphasis of research in financial accounting is on financial statement analysis, broadly defined, and auditing. Prof. Lasse Niemi leads an Auditing Research Group. Recent research activity concentrates on the following areas:

  • adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • goodwill accounting
  • segment reporting
  • voluntary accounting disclosures
  • investor relations
  • auditing
  • corporate governance

Management Accounting

Broadly speaking research focuses on performance measurement and management control. We host a Healthcare Productivity Research Group lead my Prof. Teemu Malmi. Further, research in the field of management accounting revolves around:

  • capital budgeting
  • cost management
  • productivity measurement and management
  • management control systems
  • performance measurement
  • reporting format design
  • implementation and diffusion of non-financial performance measures
  • use of management accounting information in strategic decision making

Business Law

The object of the discipline of business law is to apply methods of both legal science and business economics and to develop a methodological toolbox based on a combination of these. The discipline of business law helps business develop added value by an innovative application of legal tools in business strategy and planning.

The core fields in business law research are:

  • competition law
  • digitalization and law
  • service economy
  • financial markets
  • innovation research
  • taxation

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