PhD Program in Accounting and Business Law

The Doctoral Program in Accounting and Business Law combines excellent, individualized supervision with funding for high quality courses organized across Europe and access to unique data.

Application period for the PhD studies in the Department of Accounting and Business Law is running until January 16, 2017.

The PhD program at The Aalto University School of Business is intended for the candidates of excellent academic (and professional) background and intellectual ambition who are motivated in producing research of the highest international level and pursuing career in academic and business world.

PhD candidates benefit from very close and high quality supervision. Usually, one supervisor mentors two doctoral candidates. PhD candidates can leverage the Department of Accounting’s research and professional network for data acquisition and networking.

The 4-year program comprises course work, research seminars, workshops and a PhD dissertation. All teaching in the PhD program is in English and there are no tuition fees. For the accepted doctoral candidates there will be funding available, if progress is judged sufficient. New students will be accepted once a year and a deadline is typically in mid-January. More information about the structure of the program, available courses, how to apply and financing can be found here.

For information on admissions to Doctoral Program in Accounting and Business Law, please visit Into. For your questions regarding admissions, please e-mail doctoral-biz [at] aalto [dot] fi.


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